About Kozio

Kozio, Inc. is a software technology company focused on providing superior embedded tools solving a variety of challenges during the design, production, and support of embedded devices. With its wide range of embedded tools, Kozio offers solutions to aerospace, automotive, consumer, industrial, military, medical, networking, and wireless markets.

Kozio has been crafting embedded software since 2003 and has served the needs of thousands of engineers working for hundreds of companies, from the smallest to the largest.

Kozio is located in beautiful Colorado with easy access to world-class hiking, skiing and biking. The office is located in Prospect, a community in Longmont that sits at the foot of the Rockies with Boulder, Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park all within an hour drive (slightly more by bike). Kozio is a small business with a customer list that includes Ciena, Cisco, GE, Harris, Honeywell, Polycom, and Texas Instruments.

Kozio provides embedded tools that work!

Kozio Product Summary

Kozio Technology

Kozio’s line of embedded tools include everything you need to configure, test, and tune DDR memory; identify interconnect faults and component placement problems on your printed circuit board; program on-board devices such as NAND Flash, NOR Flash, eMMC, FPGAs, and other programmable devices; and control, monitor, and calibrate power settings and usage.

Kozio's embedded tools:

  • Easy to install and use. No steep learning curve.
  • Self contained. No other software required.
  • Highly reusable. Use on any board design that uses the supported processor.
  • Well-supported. Outstanding professional services and customer support.

Kozio Benefits

  • Tools that pay for themselves in the first month.
  • Solve complex design issues in under an hour.
  • Fine-tune DDR settings for optimal performance.
  • Quickly verify every cell of DDR memory during production test.
  • Find faulty boot devices and bus components with only the CPU and JTAG (or UART) working.
  • Enhance your production test line with tools that fit seamlessly.
  • Fine-tune power settings for optimal mobile device performance.