Case Studies

Mentor Engineering
Mentor designs and manufactures rugged in-vehicle mobile computers, telematic hardware, mobile application software, fleet management software, and GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions. In the harsh fleet vehicle environment, it is critical for Mentor's products to be reliable. Since Ranger is installed in fleet vehicles and used in revenue generation or public service activities, down-time is not acceptable. Mentor required a diagnostic solution that would validate product reliability. Once introduced to Kozio's solution, they quickly made the decision to rely on VTOS™ for product development and production test.

Using the Kozio solution, Mentor’s hardware developers were able to concentrate on hardware development, and their software developers were able to focus on application development, significantly increasing their productivity. Kozio provided Mentor’s hardware development team the tools to deliver “known-good” hardware platforms to the software developers, along with the means to develop production test facilities without tying up software development resources.
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For more than 25 years, Jetter AG, based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, has been a world leader in automation technology for mechanical and plant engineering and building automation, creating thousands of control solutions for customers. The company is the first to provide a complete Ethernet and Web based automation solution through its JetWeb system. Jetter’s integrated approach reduces programming and engineering times, makes service and maintenance easier, and makes complex functions much simpler to create.

In just days, Kozio successfully provided support from overseas, without ever seeing or working with the actual Jetter board. Jetter was able to debug their SDRAM memory in less than two weeks, get the board up and running, and continue on with the product development process.
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Spirent Communications ( is a global provider of integrated performance analysis and service assurance solutions that enable the development and deployment of next-generation networking technologies such as broadband services, Internet telephony, 3Gwireless and web applications and security testing.
Spirent’s solutions are used by more than 1,500 customers in 30 countries, including the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises and governments. Based in Rockville, Maryland, Spirent Communications reported 2004 revenue of $460 million and has 1,700 employees worldwide.

Spirent credits working with Kozio with not only reducing its time to market for the mAXSLAM product, but with also saving the company real development costs. After starting the development of mAXSLAM in December, Spirent was able to deliver a working beta system to its lead customer in just 10 months, with Kozio’s assistance.
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ADI Engineering ( was founded in 1990 to provide innovative product solutions for the data communications, Internet security, and applied computing markets. The company combines production-ready reference designs with expert customization and production capabilities to deliver complete product solutions with unprecedented speed and cost effectiveness.

Kozio VTOS was able to isolate the challenging PCI bus arbitration issue, allowing ADI to quickly resolve the logic issue, saving days of challenging hardware debug effort.
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