Professional Services

DDR Configuration and Tuning

Are you looking for a way to quickly tune your DDR memory?

Our professional services staff is available by the hour to run VTOS DDR™ on your hardware design. Send us your circuit board and our team will configure and tune your DDR settings.

When we are done, our team will deliver VTOS DDR™ to you with all the DDR configuration settings needed. You can run the tool yourself and use VTOS DDR™ for production testing.

Contact us to discuss rates and scheduling.


Production Test Development and Integration

We understand that programming and test time directly correlates with an increased product cost.

Kozio has developed streamlined tests for some of the largest contract manufacturers and ODM’s in the market, and helped integrate them into high volume environments.

Using the programming and test capabilities of VTOS DDR™, VTOS Program™, and VTOS Scan™, we can apply our knowledge gained to solve your production problems, while maximizing throughput on your production line.

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