Full Life Cycle Verification and Validation Solution

SoC designs has three primary life cycle phases that require verification and validation solutions.

  • Pre-silicon SoC Verification & Validation (simulation, emulation, chip bring-up)
  • Board Design Verification (prototypes, new product introductions)
  • Board Design Validation (production test, manufacturing test, field test, returns testing)

Building Multiple Verification and Validation Solutions is Expensive

  • 1+ staff years for test program development for chip-level and board-level verification
  • Poor test coverage and poor debug tools lead to unnecessary chip and board iterations
  • Poor production test solution increases chances of field failures
  • Slow or poorly optimized production test increase manufacturing costs
  • Multiple verification solutions create inconsistent results and time wasted troubleshooting software or hardware

A Single Solution Approach Saves Up To 75% in Development Costs

Kozio offers a new processor-driven approach to SoC verification and validation that spans the entire product lifecycle - from SoC-level to board-level. A single solution eliminates duplication of effort while providing a consistent and robust verification solution for each phase. While the design engineer needs to go deep to verify that the hardware implementation meets the design specification, the manufacturing engineer needs to balance test coverage with speed. Kozio provides the software solution that is configurable to your custom chip-level or board-level design and is flexible enough for multiple verification stages.

Learn more about how Kozio can lower your development cost, lower debug time, and reduce the risk associated with new chip and board designs.

SoC Verification

Kozio provides processor-driven Verification IP optimized for RTL simulation, FPGA emulation, chip bring-up, and reference board validation.

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Production Test

The most efficient approach in developing a manufacturing test solution is to leverage the tools and tests used to originally verify the board design.

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